Friday, March 29, 2013

Wisdom's Energy Path

Talked today with my friend who is a brilliant scholar, who learned ancient Greek, Latin and even Coptic so she could study the Bible in it's original language - language being one vehicle not only of story but of Wisdom.  She brought up the very visceral meaning of many of the ancient words in the Bible.  She said that the ancient languages meant both the physical Sun and God's Son Jesus.  And that is why the Sun is Lord of Life, just as Earth is Lady of Life and the Moon is Nourisher of Life. 

She led me over to her patio where the Sun could shine down up us and we told this story together.

                           Aeterna Saltatus,  cAndrew Gonzales,

The Sun is our source of life.  Like our cousins the plants and trees, without it we could not grow.  We connect to the heavens through the life-giving beams of the Sun.  We connect!  With the Spirit that animates Life.  And so we let the Light shine upon us so we could take in its blessing.  In the Bible, apparently, it calls on us to look into the face of the Sun.  Perhaps we have to stop fearing that the Sun will hurt us and go back out into his nurturing rays. 

-- and she said, 'Tell the Sun, who is the Son of God, what it is you need to grow into your special creative gift.  And then the Sun will send those wishes over to the Moon so She can begin the work of incarnating it for you.'

So often, people want to do away with the dualities of life.  But that's ignoring the realities of Life.

Today is Good Friday, the day we rejoice in our ability to be nailed to the cross of Matter (Mother).  That is the only path to Resurrection.

May you be Blessed during this new season of Life.

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  1. very interesting take on the Sun and the Moon. I love that we can move from being Father's Daughter's to Wisdom's daughters (your latest post). I grew up eldest daughter in a family of 8, and have worked all my life to understand that balance - moving from Athena to Demeter to Hestia, over time, and now that kids are grown, have time to spread my creative wings and share that women's wisdom with other women.