Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Eve, The Mother of Us All

The Goddess Speaks
Mother Eve

Anima Mundi/World Soul

It is time, and past time, don’t you think? Many men have worked to create an amazing world, but they did it without women’s guiding hand. And in the end, they've created death rather than Life. Now the Earth is dying: her waters polluted, her air poisoned, her fires fierce and destructive, her body ripped opened and abused, her people afraid and unsure.
It is time, and past time, for women of spirit to step forward and reclaim our ancient powers: to help the old die and to guide us into a new birth.
Therefore, I ask you to join me in calling on the Divine Feminine Spirit of Life, who holds the feminine powers that we’ll need to re-create our society.
Each and every goddess and heroine of legend has had her story stolen by patriarchy. So now it is time for us to hear their true stories, for these stories will give us courage to face the future, compassion to help the world and power to accomplish it.
Let us begin at the beginning. The First One, Mother Eve wants to set her story straight.   

Eve, the Mother of Us All

Eve ~ Susan Seddon Boulet

I look at my world and weep.
I weep that my human children have chosen to be so cruel and unconscious that they are killing my beautiful creation. I weep for my healing waters and fresh air; I weep for the web of life broken; I weep for all my children, dying so that a few might live.
For those children who can hear me, I will tell my true story so you may know what I created for you. 

Eve Speaks:
Don’t believe all the stories you’ve heard about Eve, Adam, the Serpent and the Garden. They are twisted out of shape, just as part of Adam is twisted and broken. What happened to Adam changed him on a cellular level. Do you know that all my human children start life with 2 X chromosomes? And that it is only after a few months of gestating that one of the X chromosomes mutates into a Y chromosome?
When the Father of Lies mutated Adam’s second X chromosome into a Y, Adam lost his innate ability to go within to connect with Spirit. He lost his connection to the Source and cursed his sons to live in servitude to an outer god, rather than to their own inner Spirit.  And so my sons have their Quest -- to reclaim their lost feminine soul.
Through the millennia, my sons have struggled to find that Source within, but most have seen it as sacrifice and struggle rather than as acceptance and joy. And they have grown jealous of and fear my daughters, who have retained their connection, for they are the Life-Givers. And so they hid the Truth behind their lies, and now they believe those lies.
It’s time to set the story straight. Adam’s sons have tried to stop my daughters from living by their natural connection to Source. Eve’s daughters are still vilified, ignored, enslaved and abused around the world. But now many of my daughters are strong, and they stand up for themselves. They are acknowledging their connection to each other and to Mother Earth, and they are again living from their Source. They will do wonders. 
Blessed Be!
That is why we need to tell these stories – the stories of our feminine powers, so that women and men will know their true nature. And what is our true nature? Adam’s sons would have it be War.  But our true nature is Love!
So Yes. It happened in the Garden. Adam banished himself from our blissful existence. That part’s true. But that old story you grew up with gives you a bit of the truth, but it points you in the wrong direction.

Fake News indeed!

 In the Beginning...

I am Eve, an avatar of the life-force of this glorious cosmos. I have danced with galaxies, made love with gods and given birth to worlds, and so I was sent to nurture a jewel amongst planets. I was sent here to this planet to bring it LIFE. Specifically, I was sent to Earth to create a GARDEN, a place of beauty and grace and peace. It’s what I do best.
I danced the cosmic rhythms of life upon this planet, seeing its potentials, singing LIFE into the dirt, the waters, the fires and the air. I woke the planet’s energy body and watched it coalesce. 

When my Earth was born, She lit up the heavens with her energy.
Then I began to channel Her energies into more life.
I enticed plants to grow and thrive on sunlight, just as I did. I gave them colors to play with and shapes to best suit them. And then asked the trees to grow tall to shade us from the fierce heat of my young sun. And it was good.
I leapt and let the air currents sweep me where they would, dispersing seeds, spreading abundant life. Churning the oceans. Refreshing my Earth. I birthed my winged children to help. I gathered moisture and wove clouds and danced on them. And it rained.


I swam in the deep waters of Earth and gave birth to magnificent children who knew how to go with the flow and when to stay rooted. I blessed the springs that quenched my thirst with healing and delight. And it was good.
I traveled the lava roads, midwifing new lands from fire and earth. Each land had a voice I listened to. I discovered what it wanted to bear—forests and meadows, blossoms and fruits, deserts and plains. And so it did.

Then I blessed the holy ground I walked on, called on the rains, drew in the fires of creation and asked the World Tree to gather us in Her arms. To hold and sustain us, as She does with all the worlds. And She did.

As my Beloved Earth took hold of herself, I shaped my Garden around the Tree, with sights and sounds and tastes and smells to delight and refresh the senses. For the blessings of life are joy and beauty.
Thus, I called forth the foundation of this Earth of ours – Nature, which is a single entity, a unified whole. A living presence. And Earth herself awoke.
Then Earth gave birth to more children, for now she was a co-creator with me. And it was good.
For an eternity, I walked in my Garden with Strength and Pride, Subtlety and Loyalty. You know their forms as lioness, horse, snake and wolf. Innocence came to me as a unicorn and power flew over me in the shape of a mighty dragon. Each being in my Garden was a source of living light and knowledge, part of Earth’s dance of life. And it was glorious.

Susan Seddon Boulet

So abundant is my Beloved Earth’s imagination that soon my Garden was home to every variety of Life that we could imagine and shape. Our children came and went, learned to hunt, to couple and to die. And it was all good.
Everywhere I walked, I walked in beauty. All my children lived in beauty and harmony, life and death flowing in cycles as we orbited our sun in an eternity of bliss. But even bliss can deepen.

One day as I walked alone, a sudden wish of my heart grew strong in me. It soon overflowed my heart and filled me with such delight that I shaped it into a song. As I gave it my voice, the song rang out into my Garden, a star burst of energy, like the birth of a sun. And it was very good.
As my song filled the Garden, my Beloved Earth rose up and gathered the song to Herself, shaping a form of clay and dirt, green leaves and warm sunshine, clear water and soft breezes. Shaping her response to my longing. Offering her gift to me.
The Adam. My mate. My Green Man. He who would share this paradise with me.

And so we did, for many eternities. Surrounded by our living Garden, we knew each other and all our relations who lived within Mother Earth’s sheltering arms. We shared our blessings and it was very good.
Your Genesis book turns the truth around. Their story says that Adam named the animals and plants, and was to have dominion over them, but that is not true. My beautiful Earth is alive and each of her aspects has its own name. We are part of one being. Together Adam and I communed in our Garden with the spirits of the trees and plants; of the shape shifting waters, the rain, the snow; of the 8-fold winds, the divine fragrances; the wild flames, the secret fires. The magic and mystery of this Earth was your blessing. 

In the Garden, we shared our essence and we knew our grace and blessings.
Later, I watched in sorrow as Adam put a name to their essence, locking them into a singular form by the power of his newly acquired Word. Naming was only the beginning. I watched Adam learn to dominate instead of cultivate. My heart cried to see him so.
And where did he learn that? From the Father of Lies. Oh yes, there was a serpent in my Garden, but it wasn’t mine. He came down from the heavens in his chariot of fire. When he stepped onto my Earth, she cried out in pain. For she felt his great fear and will to dominate the creative chaos of life. Her life.
And so it was that Adam came to be tested. And he chose power over Love.
This cosmic being came to test, to dominate, to destroy. If he could. You know him by the name of Yahweh, the demi-god who calls himself – I AM THAT I AM. He came and seduced Adam, with his tricks and illusions, his ideas and delusions.
When he first appeared, Adam was wary of him. He didn’t trust his smell. And I told him truthfully what I knew from other worlds. That Yahweh is a demi-god, a cosmic principle, shaped on a desert planet, harsh in judgment, jealous of his power, eloquent in his use of words. He is one who travels the galaxies looking for followers. He lives off their energy and they keep him alive. Your Christian Gnostics knew him as such.
Yahweh bewitches with Words – in the beginning was the Word and the Word was God-- spoken with power. He told Adam he would teach him to create in a new way – with words of Power, and by the power of Naming. He promised him a new magic, one that would give him power over life instead of just creating life.
He seduced Adam and captured his heart with the desire to Name, which Adam was already beginning to discover on his own. But instead of growing into his new consciousness naturally, he allowed Yahweh to force his growth.
Yahweh did it by stealing one of my apples and offering it to Adam. He told him I was keeping a great secret from Adam, a power I refused to share. He created a division in Adam’s heart, and whispered lies. And finally, Adam believed him. And asked for Yahweh’s blessing.
Yahweh mutated Adam as he ate the apple until all that he heard within wasI am that I am, I am that I am, I am that I am. The Father of Lies enticed Adam to go against his own nature – he commanded Adam to stop listening within to the voice of Source. And to only listen to Yahweh’s voice. And to Yahweh's rules. I am that I am. I am that I am. I am that I am.

Adam listened and obeyed.

He destroyed the Balance.

Truthfully, this is the original sin. So stop blaming it on me and my snakes.

This wound has been passed down to Adam’s sons. This is the Fisher King’s wound and only the Grail – Love – will redeem them. It is my hope that my daughters will help them heal this mutation, this wound. So they can reclaim their inheritance, so we can all heal this wondrous Garden.

Beltane Goddess: Aphrodite: The Once And Future Goddess

Beltane Goddess

      Happy Beltane!  It's the lusty month of May so I chose Aphrodite as our Beltane Goddess.  Here's something about her from my book, Wisdom's Daughters: How Women Can Change the World.

Aphrodite the earth-born Kore is also sea born, as becomes an island Queen, but more than any other goddess she becomes Ourania, the Heavenly One. . . She is the only goddess who in passing to the upper air yet kept life and reality. . . .As man advanced in knowledge and in control over nature, the mystery and the godhead of things natural faded into science. Only the mystery of life, and love that begets life, remained, intimately realized and utterly unexplained; hence Aphrodite keeps her godhead to the end.

         Aphrodite of the Greeks, Venus of the Romans, is one of the most vibrant archetypal images of the Goddess that has come down to us from antiquity; the aspect of the ancient Goddess that was never totally forgotten, the form of the Goddess written about and romanticized down through the ages until She truly embodied 'the mystery of life, and love that begets life'. Aphrodite is the Goddess who combines the spiritual and natural worlds, spirit and body. She does this through Her essence, which is Love. She embodies the energy of connection, for She brings everything into relationship, from electrons to people. She is the Goddess of Love, the love that is rooted in the body and which is playful, sensual, and erotic. As Goddess of Sexuality, she engenders all physically passionate love: non-marital and marital, heterosexual and homosexual. As Goddess of Beauty, she connects us to Truth. As Goddess of Wholeness, she drives our individuation and awakens Psyche within us.

As an aspect of Lady Wisdom, she is Aphrodite Ourania, Queen of Heaven, who was in the Beginning and who created all the worlds. She is that spiritual Love we call compassion, the love which unites us in our humanity and makes us all One. She is the Wisdom that teaches us greater consciousness, as we will see in her role as Psyche’s initiator. Her energies fill us with longing to connect with ourselves, with others, and to create Life! 
Aphrodite is the Goddess of Beauty, not just physical beauty but the beauty of life itself. She is the love of Beauty which makes great art and music for the healing of our wounded spirits, for She is Love as a creative, cosmic force. 

          Aphrodite's beauty is this kind of divine beauty: it is a golden, laughter-loving beauty which engenders a warm, life-giving relatedness. It is a beauty which is inherently graceful and enrapturing. "It is the warmth and truth of passion that shine through Aphrodite's nature, as sunlit gold shines through her whole appearance."6 It is the truth of Her passion that is the 'healing of the passion of matter'. We women are so passionate about who and what we love! And yet we often equate passion with ‘too muchness’ in our society. 

          We women need to stop fearing that ‘the warmth and truth of [our] passion’ is wrong. There is a great strength in the purity of our passion, like the image of the Tarot card called Strength, where a woman gently closes the mouth of a lion. Our feminine strength lies in taming the lion of our passions rather than in killing it, as male heroes do, such as Hercules, who kills the lion and wears its skin as his own. These male myths indicate that it is men who feel they must overcome and kill these passions, not women. Women have a different path, for the ancient goddesses, such as Cybele and Astarte, rode on lions – they rode and channeled their passions. 

The Greeks came to regard the ideal form of Aphrodite’s divinity in the beauty of Her naked body, for ancient statues of Her show Her either about to undress - revealing Her mystery - or already undressed. If these forms express Her essence, then it is the realm of body that reveals Her mystery. There is a radiant charm in Her loveliness which draws us into relationship, because the truth of Her Being is embodied. As the archetypal essence of love and sexuality, Her heavenly nature clothes Her instinctual, earthy nature, thereby uniting both realms in harmony. She asks us to love our bodies, knowing that they are truly the temple of Spirit here on Earth.