Saturday, March 23, 2013

Awakening the Wise Man: How Wisdom Guides ‘Right Action’

Awakening the Wise Man: How Wisdom Guides ‘Right Action’

“What we need now more than ever is Wisdom.”

       We are living in such a time of change and transformation that the most important thing women and men can do for ourselves is to know who we are, so we don’t get caught up in collective fears.  More than ever before, we need to make wise choices about all aspects of our lives—our relationship to ourselves, to others, to our work and creativity, and to our interactions in our community and in the world.  

       Perhaps more than at any other time in history, our choices matter.  The future is in our hands.  Each of us has the responsibility to know our core values and stand up for them.  It’s time to wed our beliefs with the right course of action. 

       Conscious action/right action is guided by our relationship with Lady Wisdom, the source of the cosmic laws of life.   When we stand up for justice or the environment, we take a step on the road to right action.  But what happens when we continue down that road?  If we are still using our old operating system, we inevitably revert to old patriarchal rules and behaviors.   To make real and lasting changes, we need to upgrade our understanding of life and our unique destiny.   

       For right action to have a powerful impact, we have to wed it to Lady Wisdom.
       Just as we need both masculine and feminine consciousness, left and right brain working together to become more self-aware, we need women and men working together to create a different future, for ourselves and our world.

       Women and feminine consciousness have a close relationship with Lady Wisdom.  But Lady Wisdom desires to be wed to the divine Masculine Spirit within each of us.  We need to unite our feminine ‘being’ with our masculine ‘doing’. What good is Wisdom if we don’t act on it?  Once we learn to access Wisdom, our choices will lead to right action.  

Cathy Pagano is the author of the book, Wisdom’s Daughters: How Women Can Change the World.  


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