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The Goddess Speaks: Mother Eve's Tale, Part 1

The Goddess Speaks 
Mother Eve's Tale, Part 1

 World Soul

In the Beginning...

I am Eve, an avatar of the life-force of this glorious cosmos. I have danced with galaxies, made love with gods and given birth to worlds, and so I was sent to nurture a jewel amongst planets. I was sent here to Earth to bring it LIFE. Specifically, I was sent to Earth to create a GARDEN, a place of beauty and grace and peace. It’s what I do best.

I danced the cosmic rhythms of life upon this planet, seeing its potentials, singing LIFE into the dirt, the waters, the fires and the air. I woke the planet’s energy grid and the system came online.

Earth was born.  So I began to channel its energies into more life.

I enticed plants to grow and thrive on sunlight, just as I did. I gave them colors to play with and shapes to best suit them. And then asked the trees to grow tall to shade us from the fierce heat of my young sun. And it was good.

I lept and let the air currents sweep me where they would, dispersing seeds, spreading abundant life. I birthed my winged children to help. I gathered moisture and wove clouds and danced on them. And it rained. 
I swam in the deep waters of Earth and gave birth to magnificent children who knew how to go with the flow and when to stay rooted. I blessed the springs that quenched my thirst with healing and delight. And it was good.

I traveled the lava roads, midwifing new lands from fire. Each land had a voice I listened to. I discovered what it wanted to bear—forests and meadows, blossoms and fruits. And so it did.

And I blessed the ground, called the rains, pulled in the fires of creation and asked the World Tree to gather us in Her arms. To hold and sustain us, as She does in all the worlds.  And She did.

As my Beloved Earth took hold of herself, I shaped my Garden with sights and sounds and tastes and smells to delight and refresh the senses of my children. And for me. For the blessing of life is to always walk in beauty.

Then I asked Earth to birth what children she would, for now she was a co-creator with me. And so came into being our four-legged children.

For an endless time, I walked in my gardens with my children: lioness and dragon, bear and wolf. And always my snakes nearby to bring me news. So abundant is my Beloved Earth’s imagination that soon my Garden was home to whole tribes of animals. Our children came and went, learned how to hunt, to couple and to die. And it was all good. 
Everywhere I walked, I walked in beauty. All my children lived in beauty and harmony, life and death flowing in cycles as we orbited our sun in an eternity of bliss. But even bliss can deepen.

One day as I walked alone, a wish of my heart grew strong in me. It soon overflowed my heart and filled me with such delight that I shaped it into a song. As I gave it my voice, the song rang out into my Garden, a sparkling display of light in all the colors of my heart. And it was good.

As my song filled the Garden, my Beloved Earth rose up and gathered the song to Herself, shaping a form of clay and dirt, green leaves and warm sunshine, clear water and soft breezes. Shaping her response to my longing. Offering her gift to me.

The Adam. My mate. My Green Man. He who would share this paradise with me.

To Be Continued:  Come back to see more.

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