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The Transformation of Collective Consciousness

The Transformation of Collective Consciousness

            Working as a dream analyst, I can see a recurring motif of movement in the stars; either a single star bursts into many lights or there is a movement in the pattern of the stars.  This dream marked a real turning point for this woman in her spirituality.  It became a deep, indwelling connection and a true knowledge that she was indeed blessed.  As people look within to their own inner light, the old patterns of belief (the single star or old constellation) die out and new patterns emerge.  The next step in their evolution is upon them.  The most outstanding part of the dream is usually the feeling of awe and connectedness that the dreamer feels as s/he is affected by this movement.  It is through the power and energy of this movement within the deep psyche that people are finding the courage to listen to Wisdom's voice and open themselves to their creativity and to Spirit.
            There is deep change going on in the collective unconscious at this point in time.  Our technology is changing so rapidly that there is a corresponding change in the unconscious.  As we deepen our consciousness, and learn to use both sides of the brain, our perception of our human capabilities will broaden to include those psychic, intuitive, feeling aspects which our rational culture has rejected along with the Goddess.   Many years ago, I had a dream that spoke to these changes occurring in the collective.  I was looking at some old star charts and comparing them to the constellations that were in the sky at the present time.  I noticed that some were the same, but many constellations had changed.  Interpreting this dream personally, I realized I was seeing the changes that had taken place in me over the years.  But this dream felt like it had a collective meaning, since the stars are our collective guides.  It showed me early on that changes were taking place in the collective psyche.  And it's proven true.  
Now we have only to look at the brutal truth of our unstable economy, our wars, the widespread environmental destruction, the greed and corruption of those in power, and the loss of cultural values to see how we have ignored or been unconscious of the forces that are moving within our society.   Happily, people are awakening and stepping forward again to take responsibility for their lives and our collective life.   Just as the dream star charts were changing, we are now seeing changes in our collective lives, and it would seem there are enough people to tip the balance of collective consciousness to a higher, more balanced state.  We have to renew our collective life through living out our individual values and highest collective ideals.  We have to discover a more sacred, graceful, truthful and fulfilling way to live and relate to each other and to the Earth. 
            When we wear Allerleirauh's star dress, we open ourselves – body, heart and spirit - to the conscious voice of Wisdom.  We accept our true nature as Spiritual Beings and co-Creators of Life, centered by the treasure of a golden reel, the world center.   All beings need a center.  Otherwise, the chaos rips us apart.   If we reject our true nature, our spiritual nature, then the center is lost.  Our culture has lost its center, and we substituted the pursuit of wealth and happiness here on Earth for our spiritual center.   This is the princess's task, a task we all share in: we have to put our spiritual values back at our center and our highest ideals back in the center of our public discourse.  Allerlierauh has become the true Queen, and it is her inspiration and passion that will drive our collective transformation in the future.    
            The stars are waiting to give us their wisdom.  When we strive to become conscious of the sacred context of our lives, the power of the archetypes will work through us creatively.  Before moving back to the United States from Zurich, I had a dream about the stars that showed me all the changes I went through in analysis and in training at the C.G. Jung Institute, as well as the experience of living in a foreign land with young children.  An older friend of mine who had died recently came to me in my dream, and told me that I had to bring those new things back to the States with me, so that they could grow in different ways.  In many traditions, the stars were thought to be the spirits of the dead; those spirits who could now shine the light of their wisdom on their descendants.

            I have moved back to R.I. and find that we are living in the old curate's house in Wickford.  R. is out and I go for a walk.  It is night, and I look up at the stars.  There is a row of constellations spread across the whole arc of the sky, all of them shining brilliantly.  I recognize them: they are all the constellations I have dreamed about through my years of study.
            I lie down in the grass to keep the stars in sight, when suddenly I see Dorothy standing by an old wooden fence near the road.  I consciously know that she is dead, but there she stands, obviously alive and definitely vibrant!  There is a beautiful light surrounding her.  She has come to tell me some important things about what I must do now that I am home.
            After we finish talking, she tells me it's time to leave.  I want to stay, but as I walk away, I look back at her once more.  I see that she is different now.  She has a gentleness and a numinous quality that makes me realize that she is a representative of the Goddess.

            When Wisdom's daughters see our transformation in terms of the Divine Story, we do not become extraordinary as much as we begin to see that all life partakes of the Divine. This is what Jesus meant when he said that the Kingdom of Heaven is right here amongst us.  Matter and Spirit are One, just as all people and species are one in the Earth's embrace. Wise daughters understand the meaning of our experience and respond to it with the innate wisdom being in touch with our inner truth elicits.   Lady Wisdom invites us to develop new eyes with which to see our world, and understand our lives in the world.  We need a new cosmic story that only Lady Wisdom can tell us.  Letting this greater spirit infuse our awareness gives us the courage and the ability to find out just who we are and what we might become.  The path of Wisdom challenges us to be our best selves, our most conscious selves, our most compassionate selves.  What else makes life worth living?

From this look at the realms of Earth and Moon and Stars, we can see that, although the task is hard, the rewards of reconnecting with the Feminine Spirit are great.  The Woman Clothed with the Sun combines these realms, for She is woman, earth and body made conscious by the light of solar consciousness.  She stands on the Moon, taking Her standpoint from the ancient rhythms of life, allowing those rhythms to be lived consciously, allowing the dark, the unconscious, to have its say.  She is crowned with Stars, for She knows the archetypal patterns that make up our humanity, and she lives out her individual destiny so that she can give birth to the Savior.   We are the women who are learning from this image.  We are the women whom this image wants to speak to. 
            Getting in touch with the rhythms of life is hard work for Father's Daughters, and we constantly fall back into an easier, familiar, goal-oriented, stressful schedule.  But this is only half the picture.  This is the masculine spirit of doing living within us.   We also have to undertake the task of learning to be, of learning to listen to our instincts about what makes life worth living, of learning how to bring joy back into our lives once again.  When we learn this lesson, we can start to re-learn doing, but this time our doing will come out of an authentic necessity of the Self.  It is especially hard to go into the darkness of the Unknown, for we have lost the tools and the knowledge of the type of consciousness which can get us through the dark places.  Luckily, the knowledge is not irrecoverable, for it is still imaged in the world around us and within us.
            Now we will find that the rhythms, though ancient beyond measure, are still new.  We are different from the peoples who came before, and yet we are the same.  Now that we know what we have lost, perhaps we will honor the wisdom of the Feminine Spirit all the more once it is recovered.  Gratefully, we have the ancient images to look back to, and we have our imaginations to help bring these images living into our modern world.  This is the mystery and the reality of our task, which will be explored next as we look at the Dress of the Sun, because as Wisdom's daughters, we will be clothed in Light.

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