Sunday, August 5, 2012

Queen of Heaven

The Queen of Heaven and A New Dispensation

The Woman Clothed with the Sun manifested in other times and other cultures, as divine beings and as earthly women.  The stories of the ancient goddesses evoke every aspect of this divine energy. And stories about women who embodied this energy encourage our own search for Wisdom.  Symbolic language still contains these feminine energies and by working with the imagination they are still available in our lives.  As Earth, Lady Wisdom is the womb and vessel of our growth into wholeness; as Moon, she is the process of our transformation - the hard work of living consciously with our Self.  As Queen of Heaven, she is archetypal wholeness, the mother of all wisdom, self-mastery and redemption through illumination and transformation. 
When Lady Wisdom is connected with the Stars, she symbolizes the essence of the divine pattern within each of us, the archetypal patterns which become individualized and manifested throughout our life on Earth.  Our wholeness is both light and dark, and our wisdom is our experience, and the patterns which make up the story of our soul through many lifetimes mark our journey on the path of Wisdom.
There are many ancient goddesses connected with the Stars. They were each worshiped as Queen of Heaven, focusing both the vastness and nearness of the Cosmos.  When we connect to this heavenly Goddess, we connect to the wisdom of the Cosmos.  Her worship entails living out her spiritual truths and discovering the wisdom in life.
 A few years ago, I fasted and meditated to incubate a dream while the planets Pluto and Jupiter where on the degree of the Galactic Center.  I wanted to know if there was hope for our world in the coming days.  I asked for Wisdom.   Then I dreamed of the stars.

I am in a house, at least on the second floor if not higher, and a woman behind me says, “Look out the window.  The Pleiades are shining.”   I look and see the stars of the constellation shining brightly – in a blue daytime sky!  It is glorious.  After watching for a while I go back into the kitchen and see my two little grandchildren playing.  I help them with something then go to throw some water down the drain in the sink.  When I look, the drain is just a hole and I see clouds beneath me.  Then I look out another window and see a constellation of stars suddenly dissolve like fireworks. 

The Queen of Heaven sent me this dream.  It had a lot to say to me personally, but with star dreams, it always carries a collective message.  The constellation of the Pleiades plays a big role in world mythology, concretely associated with the start and finish of the growing season, as well as symbolically associated with the start of a new world age.   The dream seems to indicate that a new dispensation is available to us in this time of seemingly great darkness. This new dispensation comes to us from the crown chakra of our galaxy, for the Pleiades are believed to be the anti-Galactic Center.  The Pleiades is considered to be the home of the ancestors by many ancient cultures; paradoxically, the star cluster is younger than our own solar system.  This new/old archetypal pattern is being resonated within our collective unconscious and rising into consciousness.  It is a sign of hope for these changing times.  It is Lady Wisdom giving us the message, ‘All is well.’

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