Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Rebirth of Feminine Spirit - Within Us!

The Rebirth of Feminine Wisdom
            With this third appearance, the process of rebirth and transformation is completed.  Allerleirauh still tries to hide herself, perhaps because the world does not take kindly to the demands of the spirit.   The cook accuses her of being a witch, for anything out of the ordinary is looked upon with suspicion.  It is the king who must make the final move - he has to allow for the revelation of the mystery.  In committing himself to this beautiful woman, the king sees through her disguise.  He sees the star dress underneath the mantle of furs, for it is the spirit in nature that Allerleirauh brings to light.  It is Lady Wisdom, God’s Sophia who comes down into life to redeem us all.  The king has also integrated the wisdom Allerleirauh has given him.  He willingly recognizes her as his bride and beloved, for "she is more beautiful than anyone who had ever been seen on earth."  There is now a new king and a new queen, a new collective ideal that the princess has brought to light, which is powered by the love and compassion of a feminine spirit that has suffered much and revealed more.
            The new feminine consciousness which women are birthing will give rise to new ways of living and meeting the tasks at hand.  At the same time, men are valuing women’s standpoint and going within and meeting their own inner feminine spirit, which is vibrating to the change we women have initiated.  They too will integrate these gifts that the Goddess is birthing, and they will bring the energy of transformation into the world and father it.  These men can meet women as equals and support them and their vision for the world.

            When we go through this process of leaving the Father’s House with Allerleirauh, we find our individual freedom.  But it is so much more than that!  The process gifts us with the ability to co-create with Spirit.  

            Allerleirauh is a story about our times, a time when the feminine spirit must transform from being 'the father's daughter' to being the divine archetype of feminine wisdom, the Woman Clothed with the Sun.  Although we might not realize it, most of the feeling life of the culture, and many women in our culture, are working to support men and masculine consciousness.  That is the job of the Father's Daughter - in all things she is for the masculine.  This is the incest that the story depicts, and this incest has been perpetuated on all women, whether physically or psychically.
            It is time to 'run away' from the 'right' thing to do, the collectively acceptable thing to do, and learn to listen to our instincts.  They will not lead us astray if we are noble and true to ourselves.  We can begin to trust ourselves, and to make our own decisions about what is important in life.  We await the return of the King - if not a literal king, at least our own inner king.  It is up to women to find this king, for like Arthur, he is sleeping in Avalon, the isle of women, awaiting our call.  He is the king who is waiting within men for the 'most beautiful' woman to connect him to his soul's desire.  And he is the king within woman who will make her strong enough to create a new kingdom.
            Allerleirauh is the story that teaches us how to connect with Lady Wisdom.  I have also used this fairy tale as a teaching story so that you might begin to understand how to work with symbolic language.  As much as people have a great desire to find a new relationship to spirit, there is a great lack of understanding when it comes to this type of consciousness.  Instead of definitions, there are images.  You have to get inside them and live with them to cull their wisdom.  Sometimes you have to turn to books to get an idea of what the big 'archetypal' images have revealed to earlier times.  Find stories that speak to your heart, and then go there and listen to what it has to tell you.  Go watch the movie Dirty Dancing if you want to see a modern re-telling of this fairy tale.  In the process, you will learn to understand and to use symbolic language.  It involves knowing and naming, intuiting and sensing.  But it is also playful and energizing, and does not necessarily lead to crazy-making!
            Women and men both contain elements of masculine and feminine energy; we both have the use of our left and right brains.  But we do have different life experiences, which shape our knowledge.  I believe that women have to undergo this initiation and transformation if humanity is to develop a more just and nurturing consciousness.  Women are here to incarnate and manifest the gifts of Lady Wisdom.  This is our gift to the world.  This tale tells us how this transformation is accomplished and it assures us that once we have undergone this initiation, we will have the wisdom to meet the problems of our world with hope and creativity.  I hope that this tale about the process of leaving the Father’s House, detailing the journey with its trials and joys, will encourage people to discover the Woman Clothed with the Sun within themselves and let Lady Wisdom live and love and work through us to transform our world.

What is your reaction to the story of Allerleirauh?  Go through the fairy tale along with her and discover if you can wear your own golden dress of the Sun, your silvery dress of the Moon and your shimmering dress of the stars.  Perhaps you’ll find that you’re more comfortable with one dress more than another.  If so, begin to learn more about your other two dresses. Learn to know which dress to wear on what occasion – if you are trying to understand what you want to do about an issue in your life, wear your Moon dress to get an image or story.  Then use your Sun dress to understand why that image or story is up for you.  Then don your Star dress to decide what to do, based on your values and beliefs

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