Saturday, April 13, 2013

What the World Needs Now is Wisdom

The truth is: Wisdom is certainly needed right now in our world.

When women break away from the patriarchal structures and strictures of life, we recognize our feminine gifts and re-discover our wisdom. Wisdom itself is encoded in both our physical and soulful DNA, and is available to us within our own bodies, minds, souls and spirit. Wisdom belongs to all humanity, and yet the truth is that women and feminine consciousness connect most easily to it.
I believe Wisdom is women’s special gift to the world.  Not knowledge—Wisdom.  Born of instinct and feeling, intuition and imagination as well as knowledge.  It’s an ancient way of knowing that our current society has tried to make us ignore and forget.  But since Wisdom is embedded in Nature and in our nature, it can be rediscovered.   Lady Wisdom knows the cosmic laws of our Universe and can teach them to us.  
As women step outside patriarchy’s collective expectations and heal ourselves, we can learn Lady Wisdom’s ways and heal the world.  That’s why it is so important for women to leave the Father’s House; that is, leave behind the patriarchal rules and expectations of being a proper wife, worker, mother, friend, lover—as well as the rebellious roles we play out against those rules by being wild, irresponsible, addicted, promiscuous, angry, or crazy.
To leave the Father’s House means to leave behind the old rules and perspective of patriarchy, to take responsibility for our own life and find meaning in what we do; to learn to understand our feelings instead of being overwhelmed by them or repressing them; to learn to listen to and trust our intuitions instead of ignoring them; to search for our personal visions and meaning in life instead of buying into the prevailing collective story of desire, power and consumption; to open ourselves to love in all the forms it comes to us in, instead of continuing to get lost in the misery and need to possess and control love; to rediscover our creativity and give it to the world, whether it is through our children who grow into conscious adults or our artistic creations that open others to healing and consciousness.
These are the gifts women discover once we leave the Father’s House behind. We find our own talents, our own patterns of life; we discover the source of the wisdom we need to live in harmony with our Mother, the Earth.    
Wisdom comes from a discerning mind, a compassionate heart, a wise imagination and a centered spiritual vision.  Wisdom encourages intelligent and fruitful dialogue over issues and opens us to think with our hearts, to love in a way that allows for our imperfections while demanding greater consciousness, to use our imaginations for life rather than profit. Wisdom takes the whole into account, while still honoring individuality. What wonders could we achieve here on Earth if we all asked for the gifts of Lady Wisdom?

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