Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Aries/Libra Lunar Eclipse Meditation

The Moon is the Mother of Life, of Change, of Transformation, the triple Goddess in action. 

When the Moon is eclipsed, the Earth's shadow comes between the Moon and the Sun, allowing what's been kept in the dark to come out and play.

Eclipses herald times of change, especially total eclipses. Tonight's lunar eclipse is a total eclipse, bringing new awareness to us so we can let go of old perceptions of ourselves and others. (Aries/Libra)   Look for life-changing shifts in consciousness that provide opportunities to complete major life lessons, which give you the freedom to move on to the next level of your life’s purpose. 

Aries Lunar Eclipse

This full Moon lunar eclipse is hard-wired to the on-going Pluto/Uranus square.  Now, we are experiencing how we are personally (Sun/Moon) involved in this ongoing revolution.  This Libra Sun is joined by Venus and the asteroid Pallas Athene, as well as the Libra North Node, directing our evolution toward greater understanding, love and balance.  While the Sun travels through the sign of Libra, our consciousness (Sun) turns toward balance, harmony and social relationships.  Libra is the sign of justice and cooperation.  Along with Libra’s ruler Venus energizing her wisdom and love within us, Pallas Athene in Libra strategizes how to reconcile opposites—whether masculine/feminine, light/dark—to harmonize and integrate polarities.  She does this through Aphrodite/Venus' energy of connection and love.

 Venus has been a Morning Star for the past 9 months, but now she’s disappeared into the light of the Sun for transmutation and re-birth, and she will emerge from the Sun’s light in early December to become the Evening Star of Wisdom.  At this hidden phase of her journey, Venus sheds old beliefs and patterns so a much truer form can emerge.  This lunar eclipse will strip her bare and transmute to a deeper connection to Love.
This eclipse energizes us to step into our own unique way of expressing Love and Light through our connections, our artistry, our ability to compromise and our belief in social justice.   Aphrodite/Venus had disappeared into the Light of the Sun, uniting with the Sun, calling to us to walk in Beauty as we walk in the world.  Each of us is beautiful if we allow it.  Our own unique beauty comes from our soul, our timeless Self, the energy of who we are, what we’ve learned, and what we’ve done down through the ages.

Now is the time to release our heart’s love into the world.  It is time for us to gather our strength, our courage, our awareness of who we are, so we can meet each other and the world with our Beauty, our Wisdom and our Truth.


While you slow and deepen your breath, sending it through your body and to any part of your body that is tense, let go of everything and just feel what's in your heart as you continue to deepen your breath and deepen your relaxation. 

Take your breath up to your third eye—the Eye of the Moon—where your story starts. 
Now breathe into the 3rd Eye and open it. See the Full Moon rising over a dark space, but as it rises even further, you see it is rising over the ocean.  Silvery light sparkles on the wave tops and foam, like a shiny ladder going straight up to the Moon.  
So step into the water and start to climb up this lunar ladder.  When you get to the Moon, walk into the Light.  (PAUSE)

This is where you’ll find your true Self.  The Self which will let you express all the wonderful, crazy, heart-felt love you’ve been keeping locked up in your heart.   Walk forward until you can embrace her/him/it.  Let your love light up the Moon!   (PAUSE)   

Feel what's in your heart and find a symbol or an object that will hold that love for you, so that whenever you see the symbol, your heart will flood with love.

Follow the Light back down the Moon ladder and slowly come back.

Now cast the spell.  Say this out loud—three times!

Why not sparkle with Love so others’ flames do spark?   
Let love shine through true vision and an open heart
This I invoke 3 x 3
As I will, so mote it Be!  

Blessed Be!  

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