Monday, March 24, 2014

Living a Symbolic Life: Spring Equinox

At Spring Equinox, we come to a balance of light and dark, of death and rebirth.  Of Self and Other.  This next year we have to learn how to be in balance, within ourselves and with each other.    

And that means we have to value and respect our intuition as well as our thinking, women as equal partners with men.   The Divine Feminine is returning to our world, not to take over, but to bring to birth a new vision of life, which the Divine Masculine helps her build.   A new union of opposites is taking place—equality between feminine and masculine energies.  Men and women, masculine and feminine spirit united and working together will help birth the next stage of life here on our Mother Earth.   The test is if we can finally honor and listen to Feminine Wisdom, the intuitive knowledge of how to heal our world, and finally do something about it!  So far, patriarchy has stopped us.  But it won’t win.  Evolution happens.

The tests will come through our relationships and personal needs, through standing up with courage and leading when it’s called for, by being creative and adding our voices to our collective dialogue.  
The Cosmic Story tells us that we can succeed in changing the world if we do our part.   We have to take action, in whatever we feel passionate about.  

The Grand Cross that’s been forming in the skies all Winter is telling us a story—a story about energies that need expressing.  If we listen to the story, we can consciously use these energies so we have a chance to be catalysts of change in the world.  Or we can let the energies—and powers that be—keep us out of the story and use us. 

That means we have to change ourselves before anything else can happen. 
So please vote to live out your highest Self, the Self your soul came into this lifetime to be-- to heal the Earth and evolve humanity.  This Self is a union of Sophia and the Christ, Wisdom and Self-Awareness.  We’ve been cut off from it for too long.  Now we can see who we are meant to be.  Conscious Human Beings!

  That’s what the Cosmic Story is about now—it’s say we need to go on the heroine’s journey that takes us within; and we also need to go on the hero’s journey which takes us out into the world.  Know which of these journeys is before you—and take it!  

Send Your Love Into the Future.

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  1. Yes it is time to stand up and stop hiding our gifts . The Mother Earth and her children need our gifts of Love , Health, Peace , Hope, Faith, Justice, and Harmony, and all Others that are awake and still scared to show Herself. Stand up and be an example to all that are needing it. Love and Heal our children, by First Loving and Healing Ourselves. Our Beautiful Perfect Self. She is All Things