Thursday, May 31, 2012

Introducing the Lady Wisdom Chronicles

As an offering to the Lady of Life, I want to share my work on Wisdom and Women here at Lady Wisdom Chronicles.  On June 5th, 2012 in honor of the planet Venus transiting the face of the Sun, I’ll start posting my account of the return of the Goddess and Women’s role in transforming the world.  

I am walking, checking out the privileged streets where I grew up because there’s a wounded lion loose in the town and I want to make sure my kids are alright.  I find my daughter and her friends walking down the road.  I tell them to get home right away and stay inside – there’s a lion loose in town.  After I make sure they head home, I look around and see an old college classmate tell me he’s going off to stop the lion.  He reminds me of the Fool from Tarot.  I tell him the wound will make the lion fiercer.
I’m now in the little village in Rhode Island that I’ve come to love.  It is evening and people are lighting torches.   I’m sitting in a buckboard wagon at the 3-way corner.  It’s a triple crossroads! The community is gathered to find the lion.  As I sit on the wagon, I look up and see a waning Moon.  Then I see a giant tidal wave hanging over me, swallowing the Moon as it comes down upon me.  I think, “This is it!” and go blank.
Suddenly, I find myself looking up at a bright waxing moon in a beautiful rich blue sky, and a voice says, “You will be the mother of a savior.” (as all women can be).
Then everyone gets back to work and I think, “Isn’t that just like the Swiss. No big deal.” I feel content.

I had that big dream during my dream analysis at the Jung Institute in Zurich, and it has changed my life.  Working with this dream gift, I realized it was a message from Spirit to my soul: My purpose was to birth a new me and perhaps help birth a new society.  

I went to work on birthing a new conscious Self while I raised my four kids and began my work as a dream therapist.  When you’re changing your life you need guiding images and stories to shape the new life you want to create.  Having immersed myself in the archetypal stories of the soul in Zurich and being naturally inclined to fantasize, I wasn’t interested in any of the collective stories available to women in my situation back in the late 80s.  So instead, I used the fairy tale Allerleirauh  (you’ll find it in chapter 3) to guide me when I left the Father’s House of married life, having no other instructions on being divorced with 4 young children, and living without a strong support system.

With this and many other stories to guide me when I lost hope, my work with my dreams helped me understand how my inner Self was guiding me to that new life.  But I was learning something more basic than to provide for outer security or worth; Spirit’s inner presence was guiding me to my inner security and worth, asking me to make the right choices for my life.  Asking me to walk my talk, live my values, trust my beliefs.  Leading me down the path of Wisdom.   

It wasn’t easy, but like the Grail knights, I had to forge my own path through the mysterious forest if I wanted to find my Grail.  During my journey, I learned lessons of patience, self-worth, self-discovery, independence, creativity and connection from my children, my new friends, my community work, my counseling, my studies; the truth is, I mostly learned from my mistakes.  Like Allerleirauh, who has to work long and hard in the new king’s kitchen, I worked in my own personal kitchen of transformation to find a new way of doing and of being in the world.  I came out of it relatively free of patriarchy and strangely pleased with who I’ve become.   

I feel like a conscious Woman, a daughter of Lady Wisdom.

During that time, I also worked on a book about Wisdom, and how women are being called to find our unique feminine gifts and talents.  Women have worked hard at sharpening our left-brain, masculine and rational/sensate ego-consciousness of self-identity, and have done well at it.  Through the years, though, I’ve come to see that once we do that, women have another calling, one that helps us transform ourselves and our world.  

Feminine Spirit gives women different gifts than men, and our world needs women to access those gifts now so all of us can give birth to the savior within.  When women can add our original, wild, uncanny insights and wisdom to our relationships, our work and our community, when we can truly be ourselves and speak our truths, we will have a very good chance of making this upcoming world-wide transition to peaceful coexistence and conscious stewardship of the Earth as easy a birth as possible.   Not without pain and sacrifice, but hopefully without war, violence and domination.  

This year’s Venus transit to the Sun is a synchronistic symbol of the Goddess image I’ve been working with all these years – Aphrodite/Venus, Lady Wisdom, The Woman Clothed with the Sun.   This feminine spiritual energy is calling women to come and find our wisdom.  If women change, the world will change.  

And so the time is right for me to publish my work here on Lady Wisdom Chronicles.  I’ll be posting a few pages of it every three days, and I would love your feedback, debate, interesting dreams and visions, information and wisdom to add to what we know.  

I’m posting this book for free because I want to share what I’ve learned; because just like the Swiss people in my dream, the reality of writing the book was to help people.  The practical answer to getting my book ‘out’ is to give it away.  I hope you can use what I’ve learned and bring your own wisdom to share with me.

May Lady Wisdom’s Voice call to you.

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